Awareness Objective

For NCCoPP to become a success, everyone from the common man to the technician to the industry has to be committed to CFC phase-out. Information dissemination and creating awareness is, therefore, a critical factor. Various media, both print and audio-visual, are being employed to create awareness. Posters have been circulated among dealers promoting best servicing practices. Eco-Cool, a regular newsletter for servicing technicians is published quarterly. In addition, flyers giving information about the project have also been distributed. The World in Our Hands, a video film, talks of the ill-effects of ozone depletion and urges technicians to join training and ensure a better world for our children. Regional newspapers have also become a route for information dissemination. Additionally, the NCCoPP website is a crucial link in the information chain, providing regularly updated information on the project.

Sector-specific information is disseminated through Dealer and Equipment Support workshops, which are conducted in all the major states.

Posters: Posters have been printed to disseminate information about best servicing practices. Over three thousand copies have been distributed among refrigeration servicing technicians; equipment, spare parts and refrigeration dealers; industries; and project and training partners.

Newsletter: Information pertaining to the RAC service sector, updates in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, cool tips and other technical information is propagated through newsletter: Eco-Cool. This newsletter is the first of its kind in India targeting the service technicians in refrigeration and air conditioning. It is being distributed to the technicians trained under NCCoPP, project partners and associates of the project. Twelve issues of the newsletter were published under HIDECOR. Eco-Cool is continued to be published under NCCoPP with the same focus on interesting and informative content. The newsletter enjoys a circulation of more than 13000 servicing firms.

Dealers Workshops: These workshops orient, spare parts and refrigerant dealers in the RAC sector about: a) ODS phase-out in the RAC sector and its implications, particularly on their business; and b) the NCCoPP project and its training activities; and solicits support for recruiting RSE technicians/trainees for training.

Equipment Support Scheme Workshops: These workshops disseminate information regarding the Scheme and the various packages available to the technicians and the servicing centres. Through NCCoPP, Refrigeration Service Enterprises receive substantial financial support on the packages.

Press Meetings: Networks are built with the local press to publicise workshops and training programmes. The press meets ensure wide coverage of all events in the local print/audio-visual media. The meetings also serve as an avenue to share information regarding NCCoPP activities with the general public. Public awareness will ensure a sharper focus on India’s commitment to CFC phase-out and ensure greater commitment and participation from the community.

Video: The video has been prepared with aim of generating awareness about the potential for refrigeration servicing technicians to improve and increase their business through participating in training in the use of CFC–free refrigerants. Raju, a successful technician extols the aims of the project, the need for training and for understand the harmful effects of ozone depletion to Vinod, whose careless practice discourages his clients. The video is aimed at both technicians and the general public.

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