NCCoPP Customs and Policy Support
Policy is required to enhance efforts to train and upgrade the industry with relevance to phasing out CFC. UNEP is funding the training of, Customs and Enforcement officers to prevent illegal trading of CFCs, since both import and export of CFCs is highly restricted, and requires special clearances from the concerned statutory authorities.

Training of trainers programme for officers, from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Coast Guards and Customs, as well as officers from Bhutan are being held at the National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics (NACEN) from February 2005 onwards. The 2 day programme focused on the harmful effects of Ozone depleting substances, the Montreal Protocol, which determines internationally the use and trading of ODS, the trends and types of illegal trading of such substances, and the actions to be taken. The programme covers the role of customs officers and other government agencies in regulating ODS flow, within the States and at the borders. Officers receive training in using test kits to detect CFCs, which will be put in place in India in the coming months.

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