How can you improve your servicing business?

Businesses to remain profitable have to keep pace with change. You are aware that refrigeration technology is changing by leaps and bounds and that, today, in the Indian market, all new refrigerators are CFC-free. In fact, CFC refrigerants are being phased out and will not be available in the market from 2010.


Does your servicing enterprise survive?

Yes! Provided you think ahead to sustain your business. And you employ best practices when handling CFCs and take the effort to learn more about the new eco-friendly technologies and better servicing practices. Provided you take the effort to upgrade your skills. In other words, you need to familiarize yourself with best servicing practices for existing refrigeration equipment and for new CFC-free equipment. You need to learn about new refrigerants and how to handle them.

How can you learn about new CFC-free equipment and new refrigerants?

An excellent way is to register for training with NCCoPP

NCCoPP offers quality 2-day training programme for technicians handling domestic and commercial refrigeration equipment. These programmes are usually held over the weekends and during the off-season. It costs a mere Rs.200 to register, and includes lunch and snacks. You will be provided with a training manual and at the end of the programme you will also get a certificate stating that you have participated in the course.

What does NCCoPP training provide?

Specific information on training programmes is provided in the information flyer.



Are you aware that CFC refrigerants will become increasingly expensive and by 2010 will be no longer available in the market?

CFC-12 or R-12 is at the moment sold at an equivalent price to HFC-134a. This is due to a shortage in availability of the alternative. However, soon there will be a considerable price rise in CFC-12 as less and less CFC is produced in India until production closes down by the end of 2009.


I am an experienced service technician how would training help me?

Training can help you in many ways:

  1. You learn about new refrigerants like HFC 134a and Hydrocarbons which are used in all new equipment. So you keep pace with the latest developments.
  2. You can employ best practices when servicing existing equipment and new equipment.
  3. Very importantly, you cut servicing costs.
  4. You do your bit to protect the ozone layer.
  5. You can avail benefits under the Equipment Support Scheme (ESS) for purchase of new servicing equipment

All in all, there are so many benefits if you participate in the training programmes. So why are you hesitating? Why don’t you register for the training NOW?

How do I get more information about NCCoPP and the training programmes?
By contacting Quest Consulting andTraining and Training cells.



How can you contribute?

  • Compare the servicing practices you follow with those demonstrated at the workshop. Note the differences in these prescribed practices and be aware of the detrimental effect of some of the old practices
  • Analyse what you need to change to adopt good service practices.
  • Follow good practices while servicing/retrofitting/repairing refrigeration appliance/equipment.
  • Never vent/purge CFCs/HCFCs/HFCs into the atmosphere.
  • Check for refrigerant leaks – in particular of CFC-12 - with extra care, and fix them promptly.
  • Promote recovery and recycling of CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs.
  • Educate customers about the importance of preventing ozone layer depletion.
  • Motivate other technicians to participate in NCCOPP training.

  How do I get more information about NCCoPP and the training programmes?
  Contact here


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