Technician Useful Resources

To update the Refrigeration Servicing Enterprise technicians regarding the project progress, achievements and new offers, information is regularly published on the NCCoPP website and also in printed format. Updates on the schedule and the venue of training programmes’ including packages proposed under the Equipment Support Scheme are highlighted.

Eco-Cool,a quarterly newsletter published by IT Power India on behalf of UNEP, is distributed . Eco-Cool is also available in pdf format and can be downloaded from the website.

At training programmes, handouts are given out to technicians as a reference document to remind them of the important issues covered in the two-day programme.

Different kinds of media have been employed to reach out to the widest possible audience. The World in Our Hands is a video film, prepared specially for NCCoPP, to disseminate information about the importance of CFC phase-out and the crucial role played by technicians. The film also reiterates that everybody has a stake in ensuring CFC phase-out through its presentation of the affects of ozone depletion. The video will be screened at public and private meetings to recruit technicians for training programmes and to generate awareness among the general public regarding NCCoPP’s goals.

A big Poster, “Train for a Better Future” promoting best servicing practices has been circulated among more than 3000 dealers and technicians. The poster includes a 2005 calendar and many dealers have put up the poster in a visible place in their shops.

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