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Phasing Out CFC in India

As per the Montreal Protocol, India is one of the Article 5 (1) countries consuming a large volume of CFCs, second only to China. India ratified the Montreal Protocol agreement in 1992 and the Government of India has taken many progressive steps to phase out ODS in India. These include:

  • Setting up of a special Ozone Cell in the Ministry of Environment And Forests to coordinate all Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) phase-out initiatives.
  • Approval of the Ozone Depleting Substances (Regulations) Rules 2000 which amongst others restricts the manufacturing of CFCs, CFC based refrigeration equipment and consumption of CFCs. These rules set a deadline of January 1, 2003 for the complete phase-out of CFCs in the RAC manufacturing sector.
  • A large number of Industry specific MLF funded projects have been approved and successfully implemented to phase out ODS in various sectors.
  • Preparation of an Indian Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service Sector Strategy (RAC SSS) that will help phase-out ODS in this sector.
  • Formulation of Chiller Sector Strategy to phase out ODS
  • Training of Custom Officials and other officers associated with implementation of Ozone Regulations
  • Implementation of ECOFRIG and HIDECOR projects in the RAC sector
  • Organizing State workshops across the country regarding ODS phase-out.
  • Current major initiatives include
    • CFC production sector phase out
    • CTC Phase out
    • CFC Phase out in small assembly/servicing enterprises of commercial refrigeration appliances
    • National CFC Consumption Phase out Plan (NCCoPP)


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