Training Food Processing and other refrigeration applications (OTC Training)

There are a number of Institutional and similar application cum cluster oriented refrigeration and air-conditioning applications in India. These have been reasonably well identified during the formulation of National CFC Consumption Phase-out Plan (NCCoPP). The refrigeration systems used in these applications especially pre 2003 are based on CFC-12. Most of these units use Open Type Compressors (OTC). It is well experienced that in such units the leakage rate of refrigerant is quite large. It is basically due to the nature of equipment design.

There are a number of practical applications of OTC based systems i.e. ice candy plants, cold storages, cold rooms, menthol plants, railway air-conditioning systems, etc. The poor servicing procedures used by the service technicians like topping-up of refrigerant in leaking systems, venting out the refrigerant, using system compressor or single stage vacuum pump for evacuation, flushing of system with refrigerant and purging of charging lines and other connecting lines results in the release of a significant amount of CFCs directly into the environment.

A significant amount of CFC emissions could be arrested by adopting good practices during operation, servicing and decommissioning of refrigeration and air-conditioning plants. Good service practices include preventive maintenance, recovery of refrigerant, flushing and leak testing with dry nitrogen, evacuation and charging of refrigerant in the system. It is easy to follow such good service practices. Retrofitting of these plants with either low Ozone Depleting Products (ODP) or zero ODP solutions is also an option, which will reduce the recurring demand of CFCs for servicing of such units.Therefore, a training on good service practices and retrofitting of OTC based CFC-12 refrigeration systems would help in reducing the CFC consumption in this sub-sector.

NCCoPP OTC Training Programmes Schedule (2007– 08)
Region State City Date Training Partner
Rajasthan Sri Ganga Nagar
19-Jan-08 Bohra Services
North Madhya Pradesh Indore 20-Jan-08 Divyansh Services
Kirti Freeze
North Jammu & Kashmir Jammu Dec '07 Ananth Enterprises
North Uttar Pradesh Meerut Jan '08 Isha Enterprises

Past Events

Workshop on Good Service Practices and Retrofitting of OTC Based Refrigeration Systems

To achieve the objectives, a two-fold approach was followed. First, an ice candy plant working on CFC-12 was retrofitted with HCFC-22. Only a few system components were changed during the conversion. The retrofitted unit’s performance reported was excellent. The unit is providing 20% more cooling than the system operating on CFC-12. This has encouraged the owner of the ice candy plant as his production of ice candies increased by 20% or so, which has quite a significant impact especially during the summer season. The other system parameters were also similar to CFC-12 unit.

Participants in a theory session A view of Ice candy plant Replacement of components while retrofitting with HCFC-22
A view of retrofitted Ice candy plant with HCFC-22 Participants learning the retrofitting process Participants at the ice candy plant site


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