Technician Equipment Support Scheme

One of the activities under NCCoPP is to facilitate the access of service equipment to selected Refrigeration Service Enterprises (RSEs) under a dedicated Equipment Support Scheme (ESS). The ESS enables RSEs to adopt good servicing practices by providing them financial assistance in upgrading their tools and equipment. The appropriate equipment enables the technicians to retrofit CFC12-based appliances with non-CFC refrigerants, and efficiently service both CFC and non-CFC appliances.

The call to the RSEs is a part of a public process. GTZ Proklima as the lead implementing agency of NCCoPP is mandated to manage this public call and implement ESS Facilitation.

As part of raising awareness about this activity, ESS workshops are held all over the country, where interested RSEs can know more about the equipment and view the various packages.

Equipment Support for servicing and repair of RAC appliances

Equipment Packages

Package A - Evacuation and Charging unit with weighing scale, a set of hoses and two piercing valves. Would be available to RSEs for a payment of Rs 5000/-

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Package B - Package C and Recovery unit. Would be available to RSEs for a payment of Rs 8000/-

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Package C - Recovery unit would be available to RSEs for a payment of Rs 5000/-

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An update

ESS phase 1 (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu including Pondicherry): Equipment distribution is completed here and RSEs have started using these equipment successfully.

ESS Phase 2 (Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Kerala):
Equipment distribution is in progress

ESS Phase 3 (Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Jammu & Kashmir and Delhi):
Equipment distribution is in progress

ESS Phase 4 (Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh, Bihar & Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and Assam & the North Eastern States of India):
Promotion of ESS through ESS workshops, personal meetings, mailers and other is in progress.

As an initial step to generate awareness about the deal offered, ESS workshops have been held in ESS phase 1, 2 and 3 as follows:

Summary of ESS Workshops organised under Phase 1, 2, 3 & 4

Region State City Date No. of RSE Participants
South Kerala Kochi 21-May-05 81
West Maharashtra Mumbai 30-May-05 50
West Gujarat Ahmedabad 01-Jun-05 100
West Maharashtra Kolhapur 19-Jul-05 177
West Gujarat Rajkot 23-Jul-05 99
West Maharashtra Aurangabad 06-Aug-05 150
North Rajasthan Kota 01 Dec 05 157
North Rajasthan Jaipur 03 Dec 05 140
North Punjab Jalandhar 19 Dec 05 110
North Chandigarh Chandigarh 20 Dec 05 128
North Uttar Pradesh Lucknow 22 Dec 05 35
North Uttar Pradesh Varanasi 24 Dec 05 60
North Madhya Pradesh Indore 25 Nov 06 104
East West Bengal Kolkata 18 Nov 06 50
East Assam Guwahati 19 Nov 06 53
East Orissa Bhubaneshwar 02 Dec 06 62
North Chhatisgarh Raipur 10 Dec 06 96
East Bihar Patna 14 Dec 06 66
North Madhya Pradesh Gwalior 06 Jan 07 116
Total 1834

ESS Workshops under Phase 4

Region State City Starting Date Training Partner
North Madhya Pradesh Indore 25-Nov-06 Divyansh Services
East West Bengal Kolkatta 18-Nov-06 Crystal Refrigeration Company
East Assam Guwahati 19-Nov-06 Kuwality Coolers
East Orissa Bhubaneshwar 02-Dec-06 L.N.Dash
North Chattisgarh Raipur 10-Dec-06 Divyansh Services
East Bihar Patna 14-Dec-06 Loyola Industrial School
North Madhya Pradesh Gwalior 06-Jan-07 Divyansh Services

Number of Applicants from ESS 1, 2, 3 and 4 Short listed and Package Details

ESS Phase 1
Region State PackageA PackageB Total
South Andhra Pradesh 37 19 56
South Karnataka 31 7 38
South Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry 44 5 49
  Total 112 31 143

ESS Phase 2
Region State PackageA PackageB Total
West Gujarat 43 10 53
West Maharashtra 87 21 108
South Kerala 18 5 23
  Total 148 36 184

ESS Phase 3
Region State PackageA PackageB Total
North Chandigarh (Punjab, J&K, Uttarchanchal, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh) 17 77 94
North Rajasthan 9 40 49
North Uttar Pradesh 23 105 128
North Delhi 11 48 59
  Total 60 270 330

ESS Phase 4
Region State PackageA PackageB PackageC Total
East Assam 2 14   16
East Bihar 7 40   47
East Madhya Pradesh 18 107   125
East Orissa 1 15   16
East West Bengal 8 52 1 61
  Total 36 226 2 265

ESS Equipment for Reclamation
Region State
North Chandigarh (Punjab, J&K, Uttarchanchal, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh)
South Karnataka
West Gujarat
East West Bengal
East Madhya Pradesh
North Rajasthan
South Andhra Pradesh
North Uttar Pradesh
North Northern Indian Railways - 2 nos.

Under this ESS the project has supported the entrepreneurs in the country to set up business for Reclamation of refrigerants.

A focal activity of NCCoPP is training of Refrigeration Service Enterprise (RSE) technicians. During training the participants / technicians are taught how to handle the alternate refrigerants, good service practices and emphasis is laid on recovery of CFCs. Therefore the training programs have helped in creating a demand for recovery and reclaiming of refrigerants. With over 18,000 technicians already trained under NCCoPP and its forerunner projects. The requirement of reclamation of CFC for the RSE technicians would be addressed through these reclamation centres.

Eight business centers one each in Bangalore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Lucknow and Indore has started. One can contact the nearest centre to get the CFC reclaimed.

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