NCCoPP National CFC Consumption Phasing-out Plan

The National CFC Consumption Phasing-out Plan (NCCoPP) is India’s final CFC phase-out project for the refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) servicing sector. CFCs are banned from use in manufacturing of refrigeration appliances such as refrigerators or car air conditioners under the Ozone Rules 2000 since January 2003. The project aims to also completely phase-out the CFC service consumption of 1500 tons (1999 baseline) by 1st January 2010 to secure India’s compliance with the phase out schedules of the Montreal Protocol. NCCoPP is funded by the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol. In parallel the production of CFCs in India (and else where in the World) are phased out. Compared to the 1999 baseline the production sector sales had been reduced to 50% by 2005. They will have to be reduced further down to 15% of the 1999 volumes by 2007.

The project's main scope is on training technicians from predominantly micro and small scale refrigeration servicing sector enterprises in good practices, alternative non-CFC refrigerants (HFC134a and hydrocarbons) and retrofit. Since 2004 more than 3300 technicians have been trained under NCCoPP. Dedicated training courses do in addition disseminate good practice and retrofit for Mobile Air-Conditioning (MAC) and Open Type Compressors (OTC). OTCs are used in Railways and small scale food processing enterprises. The project adopts a multi-pronged approach to achieve its targets. In addition to training, it includes equipment support, awareness building and information dissemination, and customs support components.

Information dissemination and creating awareness regarding CFC phase-out in India is of utmost importance to ensure the project’s success. Various methods are being employed to create awareness: viz. video film, posters, newsletter, flyers, dealer workshops, equipment support workshops, articles in newspapers and this dedicated website.

NCCoPP takes over from the Indo-Swiss Human and Institutional Development in Ecological Refrigeration (HIDECOR) project. The HIDECOR operation, initiated in 1998, was geographically restricted to selected states and the target group was limited to Micro and Small and Medium-sized service Enterprises in the RAC sector. NCCoPP currently has a presence in all the States of India. It aims to encourage good servicing practices among all RSEs, with a special focus on those firms consuming more than 50 kg CFC per annum.

The project is scheduled to end by 31 December 2009.

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